#24 – Mr. Brown, has earned our displeasure.

Admittedly, I am not predisposed to liking Mr. Brown. He is unappealing and I am not sure he has any qualifications to be a Member of Parliament. I certainly have never voted for him. I do not believe in sending people of his ilk to Ottawa. It is a disservice to our country. He seems to be self absorbed, self serving, self promoting and self constituted. And he does not appear to represent anyone in Ottawa but the leader of his political party. Our local Conservative Party members should be ashamed.

I could forgive Mr. Brown for filling my mailbox with junk on a regular basis. It is easy to throw out junk. I could even forgive him for all the advertising he does in the local print media. I already ignore those pseudo newspapers anyway. All his self promotion proves is that he is desperate to get re-elected. What I cannot and will not forgive is him telephoning me to promote his self aggrandizing hockey event in support of Royal Victoria Hospital.

I will leave it to more astute legal minds than mine whether Mr. Brown is even within the law in promoting this event through his office as M.P. He is obviously out of control but nobody wants to be a curmudgeon and derail his actions on behalf of Babel’s favourite charity. You can break the law a little bit in Babel if it is in aid of RVH.

But his telephone call was the final unforgivable sin. I have difficulty even telling you about it without gnashing my teeth. I was given the privilege of listening to that bumptious, ignorant person in a recorded promotion of his hockey night event. He recorded the spiel and had a company autodial my home so that I could listen to his squeaky voice describe the joys of paying to attend his event. This is an affront to every civilized resident of Babel.

Mind you, this is not all bad news. I am not the only person who was called. There has to be a legion of Babelites out there who now have a fresh reason to want to lynch that person. Let’s organize folks, let’s get a stout fence rail, heat the tar, sacrifice some pillows for their feathers and clear a path down Yonge Street. The time has come.

– 30 –

Addendum: There is some justice, I should add. Do you remember Mr. Brown’s silly little effort to rally support for A Channel? He wants us to pay for the station on our cable and satellite bills. He claimed a victory when the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) ruled that there will be an increase in the Local Programming Improvement Fund (LPIF) from one per cent of our cable or satellite service fee to 1.5 per cent. This is not the fee-for-carriage funding that Mr. Brown was requesting we pay but an entirely different fund that A Channel is unlikely to ever access.

Mr. Brown is getting his comeuppance in that Rogers has become annoyed by the entire campaign and has just told all its customers in Babel that the 1.5 per cent fee for the LPIF will be added to their cable bill each month—starting this month. If Mr. Brown wants the credit for that, we should give it to him!

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