#48 – Pete’s Tweets

Don’t expect me to Twitter

Because it doesn’t matter.

My thoughts of every day,

Are not that long, anyway.


My gay friends are atwitter

The right-wing are so bitter

George is going to city hall

He will paint it pink next fall.


Jack reported in his twitter

That guy Harper’s a quitter

Hasn’t said anything polite

Since Ignatieff lost his fight.


Heard from a Babel twitter

Babel MP’s a counterfeiter

Writes a really big cheque

And he don’t give a heck.


Sure wish I invented Twitter

And wouldn’t be a quitter,

I would live as a zillionaire,

Now wouldn’t that be fair?


I never really liked a Twitter

No point to it to being bitter

Average reader’s attention,

Ain’t really worth a mention.


Can’t earn money on Twitter

I’d do better as a steamfitter

But I’m taking up all this time,

Proving I know how to rhyme.

With apologies for the lack of perfect metre, other complaints can be directed to peter@lowry.me

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