#51 – A miscellany of corrections of past postings.

One of the advantages of the software used for this blog is the ease with which corrections can be made in individual postings. The occasional typo does occur and it is easy to just open the blog and fix it. It is less convenient when facts are under question and the posting needs major surgery. All the posts from #1 are still here and available for reading. I have therefore decided to, on occasion, post a series of corrections.

Re: Post #49 – Rumours of the death of the Liberal party are premature… My rumour of the saving of the party might also be premature. Bob Hepburn of the Toronto Star wrote last Thursday about the party’s Thinkers Conference scheduled for March 2010. I wrote in blog #49 that the conference would be in January. I decided to find out what was happening. I e-mailed Alf Apps, president of the Liberal Party of Canada. I mentioned in my e-mail about this that Harper might just eat the Liberal party’s lunch if we delay the conference until March. All Harper has to do is believe the pollsters and call an election.

Alf confirmed that the conference has been rescheduled for March. I guess the thinkers were busy in January. Alf also pooh-poohed my concerns about an election call. He might just have Mr. Harper’s assurance that he will not call an election until the fall. I would hardly want to bet much on that.

Re: Post #47 – Parsing the body politic in Babel… A number of people had heard the old joke before about the rectum being the most powerful part of the body. I was having fun in the retelling.

Re: Post #45 – How city planners teach Babel drivers… The planners must be paying attention. They have painted all new traffic lanes and even put up overhead lane signs for when the road is snow-covered at the Essa – Lakeshore – Bradford – Tiffin intersection. It appears to have reduced the number of emergency vehicles servicing patrons in the intersection. Well done.

Re: Post #44 – Minutes of Meeting 23: Republican League of Canada, Babel Chapter… I have had a number of comments that my humour was weak in the ending of the minutes as nobody could imagine why the league would end its meeting with the singing of God Save the Queen. The reason is, as I understand it, was that there was an unholy row about it originally but nobody knew the words to O Canada, and still don’t. Not that it matters but I should mention that the snooty royals went back home to Ole Blighty without visiting Babel. They were not missed.

Re: Post #43 – Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals need a Hail Mary play… The argument over this blog is whether the Liberals need a few Hail Mary’s, the full Stations of the Cross or Extreme Unction. I guess it depends on your religious leanings.

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