#55 – A Seasonal note to Babel drivers.

I really need to send a seasonal card,

To Babel drivers who do try so hard.

Hope you’ll try to get out of my way

You’re lucky, you don’t hear me say:

What fool told you to drive that way?

The thing that quite drives me insane

You always drive in the passing lane.

I wouldn’t care but I’ve got to know,

Why the hell you drive there so slow?

Don’t drive, if you don’t know snow.

Another very irritating driving trait,

Your turning at best, isn’t too great.

You will not go into the intersection

Until there’s no cars in any direction!

Then change your mind on direction.

But the seasonal message isn’t that,

It’s about an elf, who’s jolly and fat.

He’s on the road at this time of year

He might’ve downed too many beer

It’s for your safety that I really fear!

Seasonal Greetings from Peter Lowry

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