#61 – Pete’s wrap-up tweets for 2009.

I really like the format of the tweets you put on Twitter,

With just 140 characters allowed, what could be fitter?

If you go into the Woods today, with Tiger by your side,

You’ll find that he’s not gay but you’ll piss off his bride!

The Prime Minister went to Copenhagen to keep the world green.

But when push came to shove, he went to dinner with the Queen.

The TV sequels are hitting the wall with the CSIs in rerun,

The public wants desperate husbands: sex is far more fun.

Michael Ignatieff was handed the Liberal leadership on a platter,

After his year of ups and downs, he asks, “What does it matter?”

Premier McGuinty has said he is introducing an HST

It seems to me that he should not be quite so hasty.

Bill Gates has introduced another wonderful operating system,

If the bugger had fixed the one I had, I would have kissed him.

The Governor General ate raw seal liver to please the Inuit,

She swears she did not hurl and said there was nothing to it.

You’ll get a very boring answer if you ask if Local TV Matters?

A better question is: Who gets the money? That really matters.

Mr. Obama got a peace prize because of good intention,

His moves in Afghanistan are no Rotary Club convention.

Mr. Colvin told his bosses about torture in Afghanistan,

Don’t bother us with tribal stuff, that’s the Harper plan.

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