#06-10 – The man who stood on the side of the road.

He stood alone on the side of the road in a blue blazer and grey pants.

He was not a person to whom you would have given a second glance.

Nodding his head as each car goes by, you know that he is counting,

You also know from the crowded road, the total has to be mounting.

Life today is at such a hurry-scurry pace, nobody bothers to even ask,

Why would anyone stand there in place, undertaking such a big task?

The weeks, in sun and rain, in snow and sleet, in winds, he carries on,

It is so many months, through-out many hours, he still is counting on.

Finally I could no longer contain the concern about this unusual sight,

I pulled my car off the road for safety and went to ask if he was alright.

His jacket is neat, his pants fresh pressed yet his face drawn n’ pale.

He looked at me from sunken eyes and said, ‘May I tell a terrible tale?

‘I once was a young believer in what the liberal politicians used to say,

They said they were centre left and the needs of people held sway.

After many years of believing, they sent ambassadors to seek me out,

You are a famous reasoning, smart person, of that there is little doubt.

‘They offered me a seat in Parliament, I heard words about leadership

And they handed me that on a platter, I did not  have to leave a tip.

It really was fun for a while, Liberals cheered me wherever the event,

When I asked where they wanted to be lead, I was told to just invent.

‘I called for a thinker’s conference to take a look at our liberal future,

I was hoping to find an idea for Canada, an idea for liberals to nurture

But the ivory towers of the business elite said it wasn’t going to work,

We will get another dumb green tax, like we got from Dion, you jerk.

‘I made a deal with those financiers that I will find out how many care,

I came here to the side of the road to count voters who are aware.’

I said to Michael before I drove off that it really did not sound like fun,

But I heard him say, before getting in the car, his count is now at one!

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