#39 – Some liberal advice for Michael Ignatieff.

The Harper Conservative government has to go. Now. The divisiveness, the bitterness, the confrontations and the sleaze of today’s Ottawa are an embarrassment for all Canadians. Nobody deserves this type of government. It is time to do something.

Michael Ignatieff, pay heed. You cannot allow the Harper Conservatives to continue to reign. They are dragging you down to their level. They are dividing your party. They are belittling you and the rest of the House of Commons. They are harming Canada’s reputation among civilized nations. They are hurting women and minorities in Canada and around the world. They will do anything; lie, cheat and steal to stay in power. Their agenda is of power not people. Their tactics are division not inclusion.

Michael, please do your part. Get out in front and lead. We will do our part in the ridings, getting rid of as many of Mr. Harper’s more disgusting supporters as we can.

And you can tell this country that we are getting out of Dodge and Kandahar just as fast as we can get planes there to pick up our troops. If one more Canadian life is wasted in that God-forsaken, opium-farming country, do not let it be your damn fault.

Get us into an election and you can talk to Canadians about jobs. Not retail jobs. Not jobs for kids to nuke hamburgers. Talk about real jobs. That is what is needed and that is what our government has to encourage and nurture.

You can do more about the environment than any air-head who thinks that is the only issue. That smirking Harper thinks he is above talking about the environment but you have to stop him and his friends from fouling our air and our water and our farmland and our food. Our environment is not here for individual profit. It belongs to all of us and to future generations. This country is too precious to rape for coal for the Chinese and oil for the Americans. Either harvest resources with respect for our land, for our seas and for our air or do not take them at all.

Harper and his minions are going to tell Canadians that they have solved the economic crisis but the indicators are that the financial world is still much too fragile. You have to tell the world that Harper’s laissez-faire economics do not work. There have to be rules. There have to be controls. We have to have people who can enforce the rules. No matter where people locate their money, they have to pay their share of taxes. They have to obey the rules.

It’s time to move to the left Michael. Business no longer calls the shots. We have to welcome the NDP into a Liberal Party that works for people. We have to believe in national daycare. We have to be in front of a guaranteed income for Canadians. And dental care and a health plan that includes the prescription drugs people need. There is a special club in the Liberal Party, Michael. Its founding members included people such as the late Pierre Trudeau. We called it the Get Off Your Ass club. You can join.

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