#44 – And now for a commercial message.

A newspaper cartoon that has always had personal staying power was one about two down and out guys sitting in an alley beside some garbage cans. One is saying to the other: “I was so busy saving the world, I forgot about me.

Would you believe the original idea of this blog was to showcase this writer’s talent. The idea was to sell writing services and, as the site became notorious, for Google to sell advertising for it. In both aspects, it fails. It seems that any person willing to write a blog is assumed to be available to write for free. And we only need to find another couple thousand readers a day to get Google interested in the ad potential.

This indicates a need for a new approach. A new angle is required. After much thought and a very funny discussion with the wife, a new type of blog is emerging. Future blogs will be about communication and sex. As the wife said, “Well, you do know a lot about communication.” It is hoped that her next husband will appreciate her sense of humour.

Here is a short sample of the idea:

Title: Public speaking and the multi-orgasmic audience

Delivering a speech to an audience is very much like making love to that very special lady. You know that she is capable of having many small orgasms during the coupling. Through applying yourself thoughtfully to this most enjoyable of tasks, you know you can build the experience, engulfing her in the thrill of the moment, and come to a new depth of understanding.

For what is a speech about? It is to take a seminal concept, build on it, embellish it, give it life, give it hope, share the promise, envelope it in rhetoric, drive it in, implant it for it to be nurtured, developed and gestated in the womb of the intellect.

You only wish that was always the case! Most speakers are there to get their own jollies. They hardly care about the recipient. It’s slam bam, “thank yuh mam.” Some speakers are so insipid, the audience is not even sure they were there. When was the last great speech you really felt? As you sat in that audience, did you believe that the speaker cared about your enjoyment? Or was the speaker there just to get his own point across?

Frankly, most speakers have one basic kind of spurt of an idea to deliver to their audience. They would be better to send it by e-mail.

When you have an audience capable of having many small orgasms on the way to the grand conclusion, you have to have a plan. You have to build the sensations. With tongue and touch, words that inspire, ideas that inflame, the ability to use power phrases, that bring your audience to new heights. You build the understanding. You become one in your empathetic relationship. You communicate.

Good sex needs mental stimulus as well as physical. Good speeches need to be felt as well as heard and seen. They have to control the moment, respond to urges, give the needed directions, satisfy demands and exceed expectations.

Maybe that special lady is too engaged during sex to applaud each rising crescendo of ecstasy but her appreciation at the successful conclusion knows few bounds. In a speech, each nuance can earn a chuckle or a guffaw and rising rounds of enthusiastic applause. As the speaker, you want the attention and to reach acceptance and climax in a standing ovation. That can be better than sex. Well, almost. It depends on who writes  it.

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We really do need comments on this one. I have to prove something to the wife. Let us know what you think at peter@lowry.me

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