#76 – You cannot go home again Sarah Palin.

It is interesting how right wing speakers in the United States such as Sarah Palin try to invoke an image of a ‘kinder, gentler America.’ Big-lie advocate Joseph Goebbels would have been so proud of her. The America that Palin pictures is such an outrageous lie that it tears deeply at your viscera. What she is invoking, in reality, is an America of guns and lawlessness, of war and retribution without justice, of hatreds and intolerance, of capitalism built on exploitation and thievery, of a white-bread America where nobody dares to be different.

Palin would have been a big fan of Doris Day/Gordon MacRae movies in the 1950s. They were the pure schmaltz that she would have loved if she had not been born in 1964, too late to believe Doris was still a virgin and her male friends in her films all respected her. John McCain could have explained that to Palin if he had not been busy trying to become President at the time they were running mates.

Palin has become the pit bull for the National Rifle Association, the poster girl for the blatantly right-wing Fox News and the darling of the Tea Party. Like Wonder Woman in her disguise, she is ever ready to take off the glasses, shake the bun out of her hair and strip to her magic bracelets that can bounce off the shots from thinking voters.

It amazes people that this woman could have her sights set on the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. What is even more horrifying is that it is there for her to take. The ‘thinking republican’ (an oxymoron if there ever was one) has already written off the nomination situation for that year. And, while people are not taking her seriously, there is unlikely to be any serious competition. You can count on the Republican convention that year to be a very colourful zoo.

And speaking of color, her presidential campaign will be a holy war against having a black in the White House. Despite the fact he has accomplished more than any other president in the first half of his term, she and the rest of the pack of mad dogs will ravage him, using his middle name “Hussein” to feed on the dual bigotries against Islam and blacks. He will have to use all his powers of persuasion to save the presidency from her.

He can hardly count on his accomplishments alone. He was the guy who, in face of one of the most serious recessions in history, took over General Motors, brought Wall Street to heel, brought medical services to another 27 million Americans, brought the combat troops home from Iraq and took a message of hope to the American people. These are meaningless accomplishments to Tea Party advocates.

To really understand the ‘kinder, gentler America’ of Sarah Palin, you only need to imagine if she had been President for the past two years instead of Barack Obama. What would be the condition of America today? It is something for a Stephen King novel.

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