Is there a level to which Conservatives will not sink?

The good news is that we are headed to a federal election.  That means there is light at the end of the tunnel for Babel voters.  They have the opportunity to replace their current Member of Parliament.

Just the thought makes you feel better.

One of the issues going into this election is the ethics of the Conservative government.  They have none.  The Conservatives are fully prepared to lie, cheat and steal or what ever it takes to cling to power.  These people have prorogued the House of Commons twice to stop the House from getting information and censoring them.  The Conservatives are the only government ever in Canada to be found in contempt of parliament.  Four senior Conservatives have been charged with criminal disregard for the election laws.  Mr. Harper has appointed so many of his friends to the Senate that he has made it not a House of sober second thought but a house of Harper thought.

More important is the quality of representation we have had in Babel for the past four years.  To say we can do better is to put it mildly.  This disappointing twerp has spent hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars over the past four years to send us absolute drivel.  He has never met a charity that he would not use to further his re-election.  He sends us scurrilous diatribes against other political parties without foundation or truth.

This is a person who uses the memory of his own grandmother to try to convince us of his sincerity. Recently, he appeared before the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission in support of CTV’s secondary television station, ‘A’ Channel.  He told the commissioners that his grandmother used to tell him what he had done wrong at Barrie city council meetings because she watched it on ‘A’ Channel.  That was amusing until you remember that Rogers Cable broadcasts city council meetings.

Babel deserves better.  Last year Babel could have hung on to the temporary National Command Centre that was located here during the billion dollar G8-G20 fiasco.  Instead of spending so many millions on the temporary centre, a little effort by a knowledgeable MP would have made it a permanent high-technology fixture in Babel with some excellent employment opportunities.

Our parliament needs to restore its good name with Canadians and with the rest of the world.  We cannot let these pathetic Conservatives drag us further down into the mud.

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