Will the timorous want Tim Time?

The pundits are calling for Tim Time.  They believe that the Mike Harris acolyte, Tim Hudak, is the natural successor to Dalton McGuinty if McGuinty’s two-term government falters and falls this October.

But pundits have been wrong before.  Who would have believed that a walking candidate for a heart attack such as right-winger Rob Ford would become mayor of Canada’s greatest city?  Who expected Jack Layton’s NDP breakthrough in Quebec to produce a majority government for Conservative Stephen Harper?  With those other right-wingers in office, does Tim Hudak qualify for a trifecta bet?

Hudak winning under the circumstances would be unusual.  Ontario voters have never been inclined to want the same party in power in both Ottawa and Queen’s Park.  Nor are Ontario voters noted for their right-wing leanings.  They tend to go with the flow.  They go to the best bet for economic stability and growth and they respect leadership.

And leadership is the problem for the Ontario election in October.  You have to look to Andrea Horwath, Tim Hudak and Dalton McGuinty for leadership.  Some choice!  That is all you have got.

Andrea Horwath is taking a reasoned, left of centre approach that is all over the map and confusing voters.  Tim Hudak is a trained pit bull and he considers it his job to ravage Liberals and anything they propose.  The voters are starting to know what he is against but they have no idea what he is for.  Instead of showing any leadership, McGuinty is playing it low key.  His strategy seems to be that he can be just conservative enough that people do not have to try Tim and that he is socially conscious enough that they do not have to switch to Andrea.  If the contest gets down to who can be the most boring, McGuinty is the front runner.

But who said provincial politics had to be exciting?

The provincial liberals actually believe that Andrea Horwath and Tim Hudak will cancel each other out and keep Dalton McGuinty in power.  The only question is exactly how many seats he will lose with this strategy?  If Dalton loses more than 16 of his existing seats, he could be into a minority situation.

One of those 16 seats in Ontario that Dalton might be risking is right here in Babel.


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