What being an MPP is about…

They are describing Niagara Falls Member of the Provincial Parliament as a maverick.  The two-term Liberal MPP is angry.  He is angry on behalf of his constituents.  He has a right to be angry and it is his job to do something about it.  If that is being a maverick then we need more mavericks in all the parties.

There is a very serious C. difficile outbreak in the Niagara area hospitals in Ontario and people are dying from it.  Craitor felt his constituents were being stone-walled by the Ministry of Health about the outbreak and they were not being given the facts they needed.  He wanted daily briefings for the local media by the Ministry so that the media can keep the public informed.  If that is being a maverick then we certainly need more mavericks like Kim Craitor.

Clostridium difficile or C. difficile or C. diff is a bacterium normally found in bowel movements.  When other bacteria normally found in the bowel are killed by antibiotics, the C. difficile can create toxins that can cause watery diarrhoea.  It is the most common cause of diarrhoea in hospitals and seniors’ residences and can cause death.  At time of writing, 21 patients have recently died of C. difficile in the Niagara Region of Ontario.

This disease is the best reason you will ever have for washing your hands.  Frequently.  When you visit a hospital, wash your hands going in, wash your hands while there and wash your hands when leaving.  That also goes for seniors’ residences.  You hardly want to be responsible for anyone’s death because you did not bother to wash your hands.  The life you save might be your own.

The other important item in this story is MPP Kim Craitor.  We need more mavericks at Queen’s Park.  We need MPPs of all parties who recognize that their first and foremost responsibility is to the people who elected them, the people of their electoral district.  Believe it or not, the political party does not come first.  The MPP who believes in putting party first should never be elected.


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