Senator Kenny sings Yankee Doodle.

On June 29, 2009, the entry on this blog was an item entitled: Let’s not praise border bungling. It was about an article Senator Colin Kenny had written for the Toronto Star in support of American’s restricting our mutual border.  “Johnny one-note” Kenny is back at it today.  Similar theme, same support, some grovelling but he does seem to understand that the Americans might not live up to their side of the deal.

What is different is that the Senator does ask plaintively for a more fluid and efficient border.  Regrettably, he believes that Canadians should also pay another $3 billion toward beefing up Canada’s security on our side of the border.  That is very generous of him but he fails to make the case on why we would want to do that.  Paying to keep Americans happy is not high on the agenda of many of us.  Canadians naively think that free trade should be fair trade.

Kenny points out that it used to be—when the Canadian dollar was worth about two-thirds of the U.S. dollar—easy for Canada to attract investors who could enjoy lower production costs and easy access to the U.S. market.  The problem is that with the Canadian dollar now more than its American counterpart, the line-up of trucks crossing the Ambassador Bridge at Detroit does not seem to be any faster moving.

He thinks it is a good thing that American Homeland Security tsar Janet Napolitano and Harper Public Safety Minister Vic Toews are having ‘friendly’ planning sessions for tighter border security while supposedly easing the congestion.  Easing the congestion—that they have created—is not on the American agenda.  Why would they want to do anything about it?

But Senator Kenny is still faithful to his dream of the North American hegemony.  Not all Americans would understand that the word hegemony means a confederacy of states lead by one of them.  They would expect it to mean dominance.  We already have that.


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