Forget the London Olympics.

Are you headed to London next year?  It is a city rich with the depths of its endless past.  The Olympics in London will be particularly exciting.  Too bad the Brits are going to kill the enjoyment.  After the recent riots in England, Prime Minister David Cameron wants to turn the country into a police state.  He intends to get his revenge on those rioting hoodlums and savage Britain’s tradition of human rights in the process.

Just like his fellow Conservative Prime Minister, Canada’s Stephen Harper, Cameron would rather spend a pound on maximum security prisons than give ten pence to a community support group.  He and his fellow travellers are dominating the tely across the United Kingdom, spewing hate for the dark and disadvantaged of their society.  It might have been a bit of a lark for some of those buckos but the Conservatives will make them—and everyone else–pay and pay.

The man in the middle on this is Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister in Britain’s Coalition Government.  After losing his bid for a form of proportional representation in the recent referendum, Clegg is hard to read on this issue.  While he claims his Liberal Democrats are centre left politically, he has not been as firm on individual rights as he might.  While quick on the scene to look at the Tottenham damage, Clegg made no statements that would affront either the right-wing ‘hang-em-high’ voters seeking retribution or the human rights activist who would want to address the cause of the riots.

That was left for the Prime Minister.  And he made a right good job of it, to!  Cameron wasted no time in making it clear that the youth of offenders or other factors were not to be considered.  He wants the courts to be harsh on those charged and they are certainly passing stiff sentences.  What Britain’s need to fear is what draconian laws will the coalition present to the House of Commons.

The Brits are very concerned that tourism will suffer around the Olympics and that the expense of the event will not be recovered.  If security needs for the Olympics gives the disadvantaged in British society an opportunity to run amuck, the country ends up with a black eye.  At the same time, the image of a heavily armed constable at every street corner is not about to attract many North American tourists either

It makes for an interesting conundrum for Cameron’s Conservatives.  It makes an even more interesting challenge for Clegg and his Liberal Democrats.


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