The choice in Ontario on October 6.

It is hard to imagine voting in the October six election in Ontario for anyone other than the Liberal candidate.  It is not a happy vote.  It is more along the lines of a defensive action.  Have you looked at the alternatives to McGuinty?

Hudak and friends simply cannot be allowed to happen.  The Conservative leader and candidates such as the one running for that party in Babel would be a disaster for the province.  And why would Babel voters want another nebbish like their federal MP?

“But what about Horwath?” is the question.  The answer is that just because she is the only leader with a personality hardly makes her and her party an option.  Any business person who tried to work with the Bob Rae NDP government back in the 1990s would remember how awful an experience that was.  You had to deal with cabinet ministers who had no concept of the job required from them and their advisers who seemed to be chosen for their equal level of ignorance.  This is no time for another amateur hour.

That is the only thing Premier McGuinty has got going for him: incumbency.  If he could ever get his priorities right, he could make a fair to middling premier.  He is in nothing but trouble on his healthcare file.  Deb Mathews, as Health Minister, has been covering well but nobody can possibly juggle all those problems for too long.  When she misses one of those balls, there is no telling where it will land.

One of the least understood problems with healthcare is the discrimination doctors are practicing against seniors.  Throughout the province, seniors are learning that they can no longer choose their doctor and they will be lucky to find one who will be concerned about their health needs.  And they have every right to feel angry about it.

The energy file in Ontario seems more like a ponzi scheme than an honest attempt to promote renewable energy.  How long can we pay 60 cents per kilowatt hour for energy we resell for about 10 cents per kilowatt hour?  No wonder Samsung loves us and will build four new wind and solar energy plants for Ontario.

All-day kindergarten is wonderful program for children.  It is the timing that sucks!  Who said we can afford it?

This is one of those times that we have to admit that the cure for McGuinty is worse than the disease.  We have no choice on October six.


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