George Orwell shows the way.

Prime Minister Harper is going to fill his new prisons one way or another.  And, if he has to borrow a page or two from Orwell’s 1984, he just might do it.  He has already started. If you have read George Orwell, you know that Big Brother loves you and will look after you.  He will rewrite history for you.  He will watch you and have all your neighbours watching you.

Mr. Harper’s government has already published pictures of people so that their neighbours can report them.  Harper’s Cabinet minions have been quite pleased with the results.  They immediately expanded their ‘most wanted’ postings from international criminals to people who might be in the country illegally.  You just have to start with people it is easy to hate. The Tories will quickly find they can target child pornographers and sex perverts.  They could include oil company executives charged with price fixing.  With luck these people would be picked up by the R.C.M. Police before our usually mild mannered citizens lynch them.

The government will go on to expand their searches. Eventually they will find out about that parking ticket you forgot to pay.  Your own children will report you to the police for that infraction.

This is how Big Brother operates.  He starts slowly.  He gets you agreeing with him.  It becomes insidious.  When he has you up doing callisthenics in front of a webcam on the television every morning, it will be too late.

There is no question that Big Brother wants you to think right.  He wants you to be right.  He wants you to be just like him.  He wants you to love him.

We can all join the principal character at the end of Orwell’s 1984 and say it in unison: “I love Big Brother!”


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