Why are Tories so tough on crime?

Wow, they get into a position of power and the Conservative Party proves how tough they are on crime.  Sort of.  There are a lot more hurdles to being tough on crime than breathing fire and brimstone.  Even with a majority in the House of Commons and the Senate, Stephen Harper’s government is a long way from being as tough on crime as they want to be.  They are faced with an ongoing battle with the courts and the provinces and they cannot be assured of having public opinion on side.  Many Canadians are not even sure why the Conservatives are constantly fighting this battle.

At a time when even the Tories agree that crime statistics are down, they claim that they have to make sure that people do their time.  This misanthropy appears to be the basis of so much right-wing thinking.  Do Tory leaders hate people that much?  Do they not trust them?  Why are they so down on them?  And why do they dislike women?  They put women down.  Even if they are themselves a woman, they seem to distrust and dislike other women.  They put on an air of superiority.  They appear to resent and despise other women’s sexuality.  These are the women who seem to put the blame on the woman who is raped for enticing the male offender.

These right-winger leaders are people who claim they respect family values but when you dig a bit, you find their ‘family’ values are a distorted version of the Cleaver family from a previous century.   They want to deny women the right to their bodies.  They actively hate the gay, the lesbian, the trans-gendered and anyone who would deviate from their conceptions of what society should be.  They equate human genitalia not with beauty but with human excreta and label the genitalia as dirty.  Their sexual vision is male dominant and female acquiescent.  And under the cover of darkness.  All else is perversion.

Incarceration and punishment are their turn-on.  They would return capital punishment if they could.  They do not care about the circumstances of crime.  Theirs is a black and white world.  Children who commit what they consider an adult crime will be treated the same as would an adult.  They do not want to understand the circumstances.  There are no mitigating causes.

These are people who attend their church but have no cheek to turn.  They kneel in subjugation to a God of vengeance and retribution.  They sing His praises and urge on the God of Wrath.  They hear not the lessons of the Son.  They know nothing of Mohammad’s Allah or the God of Judaism.

These people gift wrap their politics.  They offer financial sureties that they really cannot control.  They blame others for their failures.  They pander to greed.  They reward the usurer, the exploiter.  They demand fealty.  They set those they reward above us.  They never last in power because their excesses turn the people against them.

They know what is right for us: far right.


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