The right is not always wrong.

Being right wing does not mean all your decisions are wrong.  When Premier Michael Harris of Ontario amalgamated Toronto into a single city, many of us on the left of politics stood to cheer.  While Harris might have done it for the wrong reasons, the action was right.  It is also for the wrong reasons that the Ford boys might cause Toronto to get its first full service (legal) Casino.

Given the right blend of circumstances—such as the desperate search for revenues and a minority provincial government—the city could end up with as many as three casinos over the next five or six years.  The hypocrisy of the Liberals over casinos can give way to reality if the Ford boys push the issue.  The Ford’s want the revenues to end up in municipal coffers and it will be interesting to see how Horwath’s provincial NDP handle the issues involved.  While Hudak’s opposition Conservatives can out-hypocritize the Liberals any day, he will have to hold out for a larger share of the gambling pie.

While some savants are betting on just a single casino to rescue the dying Ontario Place down in the lake off the Exhibition grounds, there is really a need for three casinos.  You have to recognize the primary position of Woodbine Entertainment in the equation.  Ontario Lottery and Gaming has to fight for Woodbine’s right to a full casino.  There are also the strong arguments for Ontario Place being a centre for family entertainment.  To turn Ontario Place into a purely adult entertainment area can raise many objections.

Mind you there would not be anywhere near as many objections to tearing down the west end of Exhibition Park and building a new and modern casino in that location.  That would be urban renewal at its best.

In case you are wondering about the third casino, you might not be aware of the strength of the Chinese lobby in Toronto.  A Chinese-themed casino would fit perfectly in North Scarborough or in Markham.  The police will tell you that something has to be done about the illegal casino’s in that area and it is time people recognized the simple solution.

The only serious objectors to this will be those greedy people in Niagara Falls and Rama.  They have been taking advantage of Toronto gamblers for too many years now and Toronto needs the revenue.  So suck it up!


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