Old arguments; same busybodies!

Some days Babel is a smaller one-pony town than other days.  One of the problems with this pretend city is that too many services are controlled by the farmers of Simcoe County. Not only is Simcoe County the biggest county in Ontario but it seems to have more out-of-touch busybodies per square kilometre than you should properly stack in a square mile.  What brings them to mind today is that the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit is wagging a collective finger at Babel and telling us not to go along with selling beer and wine in the local convenience stores.

The statement from a spokesperson for the health unit actually said “We know that increased availability leads to increased consumption which leads to alcohol-related harm.”  That was the same statement as the Women’s Christian Temperance Union used 100 years ago that got the booze industry in this province into the messed-up monopolies that it is today.

We have no idea as to what the health unit spokesperson knows or what the WCTU spokeswomen knew 100 years ago but that statement shows they do not know what they are talking about.  In fact, if anything, the opposite is the case.

When people buy something from a ‘convenience’ store, it is because the store is convenient for them and they tend to buy smaller quantities of the desired product.  This is because they know that if they want more, the store is convenient for them.  This is why manufacturers who sell through convenience stores tend to provide the stores with six-packs as opposed to two-fours.  Less product is sold for a higher profit.

But you can hardly expect a health unit to know a damn thing about modern marketing.  All we know is that if we are going to drive over to that disgusting Beer Store cum bottle return dump on Anne Street, we are going to get enough beer to make the trip worthwhile.  We always feel that we need a hot bath with lots of soap after visiting there.

So let’s hear a cheer for the stalwarts at all the convenience stores in Babel.  Keep fighting the good fight guys and gals.  We are with  you!


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