Politics in Babel: Strange happenings.

Writing about politics is fun.  Being part of the game is hazardous.  You never know from where the next missile will come.  That thought was present the other day when we found out that the upcoming annual general meeting of the Barrie Federal Liberal Association would not be as uneventful as these events usually can be.

Instead of just considering dull constitution changes, there will be a contest for the party presidency.  The role of president is no easy job.  It requires a lot of work, a considerable amount of time and dedication. When you get a good one, you like to keep them for at least a few terms.  It helps build a strong association.

And the local party has a good one at this time.  He has been in the job over the past year.  He helped bring the party together.  He provided strong organizational support during a tough federal election campaign in the spring.  He has been doing an excellent job in building the riding executive.  He not only worked hard through the federal election but he helped ensure good support to the new provincial candidate this fall.

And now he is being challenged—not by a newcomer–but by a former Member of Parliament and the now retired Member of the Provincial Parliament.  Why she wants the job is not clear.

She hardly needs the position of riding president to be influential in Barrie.  It is actually a step backward.  She would never put in the work that the current president is doing.

And where was she during the federal election earlier this year?  The federal candidate could have used her help.

When people run for a position such as president of the riding association, you expect them to explain why.  When they decide to run against someone who has been doing a good job, you expect them to have a very interesting explanation.

To help her campaign for the party presidency, the former MPP has enlisted her husband to run for the association position of fund-raising chair.  The riding association would have sent a brass band to welcome one of Canada’s more prominent lawyers if they had known he was willing to do that job.

But what is her agenda?  She should explain.


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