In resolution of the red sky.

The time of the occupy movement has ended.  Reality and the Canadian winter are reclaiming our parks and streets.  Despite the large amount of empathy for the frustrations of the so-called 99 per cent, further occupation can achieve nothing.  The time has come for the protesters to realize that lazing around and pontificating can never replace the hard work of the real world.

There might be the occasional anarchist left for the police to evict but the smart ones will be developing a long-term plan of action.  In their planning, they will find there are many routes to the levers of power.  Some will take the way of community activism.  This is a fast, effective route to being noticed and to work your way into the municipal scene.  It can include work for charities, community services, and local news and information media.  Building a solid base in the community provides that place you can back up to.

Going directly into the political arena provides only a tenuous base of operations.  For every winner in this venue, there has to be losers.  For every opportunity, there are many pitfalls.  When one person moves forward, others have to step back.

You have to serve a political apprenticeship.  Nobody starts at the top.  There are no training wheels.  Ask former Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff how it feels to be out there in the top job and turning to find nobody behind you, nobody to trust.

And start by ensuring your livelihood outside the political sphere.  It can be fun to live hand-to-mouth when you are young with no commitments.  It is no fun when you are older and have responsibilities for others.

Making things happen all comes down to finding the point of leverage.  You can change the world.  You just have to remember that there are irrefutable laws of physics that apply to politics too.  For every positive action you take for change, there will be equal and opposite reactions against change.  And, sometimes, they do not feel all that equal.

Our only advice to the participants in the red sky is to go peacefully when asked.  That will keep your enemies off guard and confused.  Never do the expected.  Make your point and go on.  That will enable you to make the point again.


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