They want who to keynote?

That is it!  We are not going.  So what?  There is no way that we can agree to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty giving the keynote address to the federal Liberal biennual conference in mid January.  You need to be some sort of a real liberal to set the right tone for the conference.  Dalton McGuinty is not liberal.

Dalton McGuinty is a whig.  A whig is a liberal twice removed and 200 years behind the times.  If  Tiny Tim Hudak had a brain or Andrea Horwath a plan that could work, there is no way Dalton would still be Premier of Ontario.

The purpose of the Liberal Party of Canada gathering in January is to go forward, not backward. This is a meeting where we must deal with the needs of Canadians in the 21st Century.  Dalton cannot get out of the 19th Century.  He knows nothing about the 21st Century.  He thinks electricity is something that comes from windmills and sunlight.  He thinks gas fired generating stations can be loaded on a hay wagon and moved somewhere else. He thinks you can solve the province’s medical problems by giving the health portfolio to someone with an I.Q. of more than 80.

Canada needs to know that it is going somewhere besides all-day kindergarten.  It believes in our right to a family doctor—of our choice!  It wants medicare to mean something besides more user fees.  Canadians think adding HST to other gas taxes is pushing a bit too far.

Why were we under the impression that the keynote address at the convention was to be a scholarly discussion by Adjunct Professor Don Tapscott from the University of Toronto?  Anyone who could encourage the delegates to think ahead, think broader and advance the party’s position in the political spectrum is most welcome.  Not having heard a lecture by Professor Tapscott, we are open to finding out what he has to say.

What Dalton McGuinty has to say is another matter.  The other day we heard some talking heads on a news program speculating that the real opposition to the Harper Tories in Ottawa would have to come from the provinces.  That is a lot of pressure to put on Jean Charest and three new Premiers.  Dalton has his hands full in Queen’s Park.


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