Well Mr. McGuinty, since you asked, your budget sucks.

What Ontario Minister of Finance Dwight Duncan announced in the Legislature yesterday was not a liberal budget. It was closer to a Conservative party budget than anything liberal. It was all forecast by that dour banker Don Drummond. Who said he knew what was needed in Ontario?

Why, for example, does Dwight Duncan think it is so important to balance things over the coming five years? Is God going to strike him dead if he does not accomplish this?

Why can we not make plans to grow our Ontario economy and let more jobs and taxes balance the books?  Maybe it was planned timing that the Ontario ‘sunshine list’ of publicly paid people who make over $100,000 per year was released last week. You do not need to freeze their inflated salaries. You just need to tax them properly.

And if anyone needs to understand the quote from George Santayana—the one that says: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it—it is the Ontario Liberals. When Bob Rae was Ontario Premier a few years back, he took on the unions to include them in his austerity program.  It was these same unions who kept the Liberals in power in the 2011 election—not quite a majority—but enough to stay in power. You try to screw with those unions and after a sooner election that you expect, you will be looking up from down!

And to make matters worse, McGuinty, you are out to screw seniors. What did they ever do for you but vote for you? If you put in a means test on their Ontario Drug Benefit plan, you might as well also kiss that vote goodbye.

If you are going to start a fight with the Ontario Medical Association, you should fight over something worthwhile. How about your government forcing the doctors to stop discriminating against the sick and the elderly? The sick and the elderly are the people who cannot get a family doctor. Are you too stupid to figure out why?

You might be wondering why this supposed Liberal Party member is being so nasty to you. Our axe to grind is that we support real liberals. Maybe we should stop calling your people Whigs. Whigs are just Tories with a different name from another century. If we do not tell you when you are so wrong, who will?

And if you put that callow Tiny Tim Hudak in power, we will never forgive you!


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