“It’s the economy, stupid.”

It was in the Clinton presidential campaign in 1992 that the slogan about the economy was supposed to keep the campaign workers focused on the main issue. If it was important back then, it is vital today. Americans and the rest of the world have gone through Hell in the past four years and it is the politician who can promise economic succour who will win the lolly this fall.

So what is Republican candidate Mitt Romney doing on a world tour? Having worked with a few political candidates who were their own worst enemy, sending the guy on a trip might have been considered the safest thing to do. Mind you, once he got to England and started to shove his foot down his throat, all bets were off. The last thing the Brits needed was another rude American tourist. Telling them what they were doing wrong with the Olympics was not a very diplomatic gesture.

His handlers got Romney out of the British Isles before he restarted the War of 1812. They obviously could not trust him to make nice with the French and the Germans have more important things to do running the European economy. So, he pops up to do some sabre rattling in Israel.

If he had known how easy it would be for the Iranians to obliterate the Holy Land with nukes, Romney would have done his sabre rattling from a safer distance. It is amazing how American politicians scramble over each other in their eagerness to show what a friend they are to Israel. It is as though the American Jewish vote is some kind of Holy Grail on the road to winning the White House.

Next thing you know is that Romney has popped up in Poland. At least he is not entertaining the locals with Polish jokes. He is one

But none of these travels have anything to do with the economy. The secret for Romney this fall will be his choice of Vice President.

If he needs any help in this regard, we would suggest that he choose Bernie Madoff. Yes, that Bernie Madoff. It makes sense. For one thing, you are saved the time and trouble of vetting him. Everything you need to know about the guy is an open book. And you always know just were to find him: in prison. After Romney has won the presidency, he can exercise a little executive clemency. After all, nobody expects Madoff to serve his full 150 years in the slammer.

And why not? Madoff has already proved that he can run the biggest illegal ponzi scheme in history. And what is the American tax system but a huge, legal ponzi scheme? Where else would you find the perfect Vice President?


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