McGuinty is in danger of losing this vote.

Maybe it is time to declare our independence. We might have been considered a yellow-dog Liberal for too long. That means if the Liberal candidate in our riding is a big yellow dog, we would vote for it. It is now clear that we are somewhat at odds with Dalton McGuinty and his Family Compact.

While often referring to the McGuinty government as Whigs, it is now recognized that the description might be in error. Whigs are Liberals who are only two hundred years out of date. It is possible that Premier McGuinty never has been and never will be a Liberal. Can there be redemption for what he is doing to Ontario?

Did you hear that he has recalled the legislature? He wants to order teachers back to work before they go on strike or get locked out. He wants to cancel terms of existing contracts. Is he unaware that we do not have slavery any more?

There are tens of thousands of people out of work in this province. Even worse, we have even more people who are underemployed. This second group is qualified for much more complex work but are working in lower level or menial levels to feed their families. Instead of being concerned about this Mr. McGuinty says he wants to lower the deficit. We have a deficit because Mr. McGuinty will not tax business appropriately.

Premier McGuinty’s government appears to pay outrageous bonuses to executives working for the government but will freeze the wages of the people working for these overpaid executives. The government seems to prefer fighting with doctors over fees than working with them to ensure citizens have the healthcare professionals they need.

The other day, one of McGuinty’s junior ministers actually told a news conference that the province will sell parkland at Ontario Place for condominiums. Surely Mr. McGuinty was unaware of this outrageous breach of faith with Ontario citizens?

What keeps saving McGuinty’s ass is his opposition. Tiny Tim Hudak, leader of the Conservatives is a bad joke. The guy is a hold-over from the Michael Harris regime and when he gets off script, nobody understands him. The good news is that with McGuinty struggling with a minority government, Hudak hides.

Andrea Horwath is the one who could use a game plan. She could make some headway and get some good ink for her party if she just knew how. The brass ring is there and neither Horwath nor Hudak know enough to reach for it.


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