Republicans: Are you ready for Romney?

Mitt Romney is a politician. He is also an enigma. And that does not auger well for Mitt Romney, the Republican. It cannot help him become President of the United States. His basic problem is that it is taking too long to sell himself to his own political party.

This is not his father’s Republican Party. What used to be a staid Grand Old Party (GOP) made up of the comfortably off and some rednecks is now made up of crazies with everyone from the Tea Party extremists to gun nuts to anti-abortionists to anti-vivisectionists to white supremacists. What is a polite Mormon boy supposed to do with that bunch? When he was governor of Massachusetts, he only had to deal with the moneyed class. They were much more civilized.

Now poor Mitt has to carry along baggage like Paul Ryan. Mitt’s Vice Presidential running mate is one of the crazies. This guy, supposedly backing him up, has never met a fact he could not ignore. Mitt was known as a straight shooter when governor of Massachusetts and now he is forced to work to an unfamiliar script, just to please the extremists of the Republican Party.

Something has got to give in this relationship. Poor Mitt has already made enough gaffs. His trip to Europe and the Middle East over the summer was like a golf game where all you get to see is a long series of sand traps. It was a misspoke disaster from beginning to end. He hopes people forget about it.

But Paul Ryan has no trouble talking about things he seems to know nothing about. International relations is the farthest subject from Ryan’s experience and if he gets into it, he will make Mitt look like a genius by comparison.

And the bad news for the GOP is that neither of their candidates can handle their opponents, Obama and Biden. Obama is not only as intelligent as Romney but has far more political smarts. And Paul Ryan is not even in the same wheelhouse as Joe Biden, Ryan is only slightly smarter than George W. Bush—which moves him into the group that includes 90 per cent of Americans.

The GOP is trying to pussy-foot around Obama by trying to suggest that his is a failed presidency. We should try to remember that Obama managed to get the first black family into the White House only to find the nation had gone into the financial dumper. When you figure, he got in a Medicare plan for millions of Americans, saved General Motors and got the country back on the road to recovery, he bloody well deserves some credit and respect


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