Defending democracy.

The most precious inheritance we Canadians pass to our progeny is our democracy. Yet we do not pass to them a robust democracy. It is more of an acquiescent availability. It seems to lay in wait to be used. It is not in your face. It should be.

While much of our governmental systems were inherited from our country’s European roots and the British parliament, our democracy is home grown. It developed over the years to meet our needs, to deal with our concerns and to meet our expectations. Our close proximity to the United States of America has also contributed to our democracy—and not always to the good. There are times when America contributes false expectations and challenges.

One of the yardsticks—right or wrong—used to measure the strength of our democracy is our participation in the opportunities to vote in federal, provincial and municipal elections as well as the occasional referendums and by-elections. And the declining statistics in that regard is simply bad news.

Maybe this why there is no ongoing outcry at the outrageous democracy-destroying robocalls used in the last federal election to suppress voting. It was exemplified by the Prime Minister needlessly proroguing parliament twice to prevent the dismissal of his government. This also pointed out the dismal failure of our appointed Governor Generals to stand up for Canada’s citizens.

Prime Minister Harper is no friend of our democracy. He is elected to the highest office in our country and he sits there and sneers at us. He runs an empirical presidency with no strings or safeguards. He spends money like it all belonged to him and yet tells us we must conserve. He flies about the world on his VIP-configured Airbus A310-300, with his hairdresser, telling the world how to conserve. He proposes huge omnibus legislation to confound and confuse parliament and Canadians. He flaunts his disregard for our environment as he panders to oil companies and their pipeline deals. He pads the Senate with cronies to feast at the trough of salary and pensions.

Stephen Harper in his perfect toupee smirks at Canadians and their concerns for their country. He is no shepherd, leading his flock. He is a Judas goat, leading us on his dogmatic journey of destruction.

But beware Mr. Harper. There is a time of the end of despots. Democracy is more than just an ideal. It is there to be used. Democracy will not be denied.


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