There is still time Ontario Liberals.

The annual general meeting of the Ontario Liberals happens next weekend. It will take place in Ottawa and there is still time for Liberals to register. The only thing missing from all the reminders Liberals are receiving is the information about the vote that has to be held on Dalton McGuinty’s stewardship. This is the opportunity to dump the Ontario Liberal’s biggest liability as leader since Mitch Hepburn.

There is absolutely no redemption for Dalton McGuinty. While last year, he nosedived into a minority position, today, he could not be elected as chief dog catcher. And the only thing that saved him last year was the weakness of the opposition.

We all know that McGuinty is right wing. He is just not as far to the right as former Premier Mike Harris. We all know that McGuinty is a wus. He is just not as bad a wus as Opposition Leader Tiny Tim Hudak. We all know that McGuinty picks fights with the wrong people. He is just not as bad as Andrea Horwath who does not seem to know what to fight about.

We all can wonder why McGuinty is picking a fight with Ontario’s doctors when it is Ontario’s hospitals and Local Integrated Health Networks that are out of control. And this is not to mention, his friends the drug companies, who are given such open access to the province’s coffers.

We all wonder why McGuinty turned on his best friends the teachers. They not only turned out in droves to support his re-election last year but helped pay for the third-party advertising that vilified Tiny Tim Hudak.

McGuinty has made too many enemies during too long a stint as premier. His government let the police run amok over citizens’ rights during the G20 Summit in Toronto. He has denied basic rights to condominium owners and made renters look like a protected species. He has used a Ponzi scheme to turn our attention to green energy and needlessly drove up the cost of electricity. He has limited the health professionals available to look after the needs of Ontario citizens. And please do not get us started on his weak government and the fat Treasurer.

While we have many times referred to the McGuinty government as Whigs, the problem is that they pose themselves as liberals to the voting public. They are giving real liberals a bad name. Something has to be done.


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