Obama’s stunning strategy.

It is brilliant. We have figured out President Barack Obama’s strategy for defeating challenger Mitt Romney. It is a classic. It will be talked about for many years. It is a strategy based on making Romney look good at this time.

And the strategy is succeeding. Since the first presidential debate, Romney has been on a roll. Republicans are revelling in the misconception that Romney seemed to have won the opening presidential debate. That sly coterie of apparatchiks running Obama must be chortling with glee.

But the key to a winning strategy is that the Obama team know that there are three debates. It was a very smart move to look like a bit of an underdog after that first debate. They know that this opera has three acts and the fat lady does not sing until the last act.

And do not forget there is a mini opera during one of the intermissions. That is when they let the Vice President candidates play as though they were big boys. Joe Biden will enjoy his time in the sun to rip apart Romney’s appalling running mate. That will be this coming Thursday that Paul Ryan will find that you need more than long pants to play with the big kids. That will be a feel-good session for Democrats.

But then we have the next two presidential debates. A more confident Romney will now face a different opponent from his last debate. Obama will be lying in wait for more confident Romney. He will be able to call him on some of the more outrageous lies Republicans are spreading. Romney will either have to refute the slander, for example, against the U.S. Department of Labor that says the department is being partisan or add the slander to his day of reckoning.

But the strategy is to even things out between the two candidates in this second debate. There is no sense in Obama going for the kill shot at this time. They still need a warm body available for the third and decisive debate. There has to be some anticipation and concerns about the third debate to bring an audience. And the third debate will give Obama a chance to shine in the area where Romney is weakest. When considering America’s world role, it will be Obama’s chance to show what a fool Romney could be in role of world statesman.

The only problem with that part of the strategy is that being a fool never seemed to hold back George W. Bush. And we should always remember that Emperor Nero ruled Rome at the time when Rome ruled the world.


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