Two weeks to save America.

The doomsday clock is ticking. America stands ready to destroy itself from within. In a corrupted election, under laissez-faire rules, in a deeply divided country, chaos awaits. In obstinacy and in an overwhelming field of lies, few can discern the truth.

This must be Osama bin Laden’s revenge. He united America against him and, with his death, Americans are free to attack each other.

And they are. It is a political schism between the left and the right. And it is surprisingly equal. Polls show the presidential race is within four points for each of the two major contenders. And as the GOP opened up funding to one and all (mainly the rich), the advertising airwaves are loaded with slander and defamation in both directions. There is no shame. There is only scepticism and desperation.

If every vote counted, President Obama would feel more comfortable but the Electoral College that chooses the President is based on so many votes per state. The race is now being decided in five of the states that could go either way on election day. Whether Obama or Romney proved himself more capable in the presidential debates is really immaterial. People decide according to their church, synagogue, mosque or temple. They will listen to their own greed. They will listen to those who want more guns available. They will succumb to lies. They will believe what they want to believe. Some will recognize the truth. Most will ignore the truth as inconvenient to their bias.

More than ever before, more Americans will vote against their self interest in this election than ever have in the past. For most of them, the problem is they are single issue voters. Take the farmer who likes the idea of medicare but is a member of the National Rifle Association. This voter has a clear choice between issues. Which wins his vote? What about the immigrant who likes Obama’s approach to foreign affairs and knows Romney is lost on this subject? If all his friends in America are urging him to vote for Romney, what does he do? Or what are the choices for the Catholic listening to a priest rant against abortion and the Democrats.

What American needs politically—besides decency and spending controls—are some legitimate third parties to give the voters alternatives and other options. The dominant two party system in America is thwarting democracy.


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