An apology to our regular readers

We disappointed some of our regular readers last week. We have never been off the air for so long since starting this blog. We have also spoiled them. Some blogs post something once a month and call it an effort. Babel-on-the-Bay tries to find something interesting to write about five or six times a week.

But we moved. It was a brutal experience. We finally got a patched together computer system on-line after a week. The hundreds of e-mails were staggering. The panic–because we could not be reached–was embarrassing.

Would you believe we went back to Bell Canada? Ma made an offer we could hardly refuse. Then she made us wait a week for a telephone. No reason was provided. All the company had to do was flick a switch.

The Fibe TV Ma is providing is an interesting experiment. That installation is still a work in progress. As for the Internet, it seems faster. We will reserve judgement.

But the good news is that Babel-on-the-Bay carries on. It is good to be back.

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