Bill 115 beats right-to-work legislation.

Ontario Conservative leader Tiny Tim Hudak will have to stop gnashing his teeth or he will need a new set of dentures. Timmy finds it tough to carry the flag for the extremists on the political right when Dalton McGuinty always seems to get there ahead of him. After all, how can you promote the American style right-to-work legislation when McGuinty tops you with legislation that is akin to slavery?

The only alternative McGuinty offers teachers in Ontario is to apply to work the drive-through window at their local Hortons. And you wonder why so many teachers seem annoyed with McGuinty and his party?

You can imagine Tiny Tim reporting to the executive of the Ontario Landowners, complaining to them that McGuinty is beating him to the punch. It leaves the Landowners with nothing other than wind turbines to fight. Timmy has probably explained to them many times that urban voters are very confused about the Landowners penchant for jousting with windmills. They simply do not understand the problem.

It is like believing that right-to-work legislation has anything to do with a person’s right to work. This was all made so much clearer to a few generations back in a wonderful 1959 Brit movie called: I’m all right Jack. With a sterling cast of great comedic actors, the Boulting Brothers did an outstanding job of sending up both unions and management.

And it was a simple task. All the producing and directing team of brothers did was show the union workers as management saw them and the management team as the union members saw them. Neither side was spared. And reality was nowhere in the picture.

It has been amusing watching the wiggles of the Magnificent Seven (provincial Liberal leadership candidates) trying to get around Bill 115. It was only five of them who actually voted for the bill. Gerard Kennedy and Sandra Pupatello were not there in cabinet at the time but even they cannot call the bill what it really is: the potential death knell of the Liberal Party of Ontario.

It was the hard work and television advertising by the teachers that left the Liberals with at least a minority government after the last election. Put in a new Liberal leader without the help of the teachers and the Queen’s Park opposition will smell the fear. Whoever replaces McGuinty in January will face the wrath of Horwath and Hudak as soon as the House convenes. It will not result in a fun election for the Ontario Liberals


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