A truly loyal subject might object.

The Harper Conservative government has proposed a bill to change the law of primogeniture. The fact that Canada does not have a law of primogeniture on its books does not seem to be relevant. Nor does the fact that laws of succession are ceded to the provinces under the Canadian Constitution Act, 1867, seem to have any relevance to the Harper government. The Harper government is changing the law of primogeniture because it was asked to make the change by British Prime Minister David Cameron.

This matter stems from British royal succession laws and the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. Obviously that piece of news is wildly exciting for royal watchers and monarchists and people who care—all 1123 of them from coast to coast to coast across Canada.

But the number of people interested in the matter should not be the barometer by which we judge legislation. The relevance is the need. It seems that Prime Minister Cameron has taken on himself to be modern and forthright and just in case the Duchess of Cambridge has a baby girl, he wants the lass to have a crack at the British throne.

It seems that the Duchess’ father-in-law—the guy with the big ears—has first crack at the royal counting house when mummy goes to her richly deserved reward. And when the lovely Camilla—who will not be queen—dons her widow’s weeds, her stepson Billy will be an automatic King and the Duchess will be Queen Kate. Realistically folks, we could be talking another 30 to 40 years here of already planned royal succession.

Mind you, Cameron knows to plan ahead. We should not forget that Billy, Duke of Cambridge, and second in line for the Brit throne, likes to play around in Sea King helicopters for the Royal Air Force. Those are notoriously unsafe conveyances and they have been known to create more than a few widows and widowers. And as things stand, should anything happen to Billy, that wastrel brother of his, Harry, will suddenly get second dibs at the throne and Kate’s little girl will have no daddy and no throne.

And that is why there is expediency to getting all the ducks in line and having all the Commonwealth monarchists supporting the newly revised law of primogeniture. By having the entire Commonwealth on board, the Brit throne will be secure for decades to come. The child of the Duchess of Cambridge will not only not need to worry about being a boy or girl but will also be free to marry a Roman Catholic.

But hold on here a minute. The Brit throne has a responsibility to the Church of England. Is something being snuck by those loyal subjects? Maybe it would be more proper for that part to be decided by the Church of England. Would those loyal subjects withhold consent to such an arbitrary measure?


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