The attack on Canada’s last Duchess.

Browning’s Last Duchess was painted on a wall,

Looking as if she were alive, was the poet’s call.

Our lovely Duchess Kate is prisoner of the Brits,

Damned as a royal breeder, gives some Brits fits.


Writer Hilary Mantel, was she who did Kate in,

Imagine calling her a shop-window mannequin?

A double Booker Prize winner missed by a mile.

She tells us our Kate: has a perfect plastic smile.


The Brit tabloid papers have all been treated ill,

They stand accused of using the Duchess as fill.

Who will get the first picture of the baby bump?

Are Mantel’s books gonna be sent to the dump?


But why does Stephen Harper use the royals so?

Do Canadians really care which is best of show?

Does he think we care if she becomes a Queen?

Canada is its own country. Where has he been?


Canadians treat Kate with respect, but I relate,

This country has to elect its own head of state.

The Brits can have their royals and a nobility,

They are not needed in a land of opportunity!


Copyright 2013 © Peter Lowry

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