Premier Wynne, have you considered grovelling?

Was it only a week ago that the Ontario Liberal government was touting its brilliant solution to the teachers’ failure to do unpaid work? Yes, peace and tranquility had returned to that front. Or so we thought. The problem is that the Ontario government is fighting battles on so many fronts, it is getting hard to say how to solve them all. At least with the teachers, we know that a little grovelling would help.

The basic problem with the teachers is that Kathleen Wynne was there as a Minister of Cabinet when the decision was made to screw the teachers. She cannot claim to have been down the hall primping her hair when the dirty deed was done. And she cannot send this Sandals person to do her grovelling for her. Wynne has to take the hit herself.

It is sad to see it come to this but when you decide to screw your friends it is very different than screwing someone who expects it. Former friends make quite tenacious enemies. Their memories of hurt feelings last a long time. You have a lot of ground to make up. It can be done but you have to be genuinely contrite and you have to rub a lot of salve into those hurt feelings. You might even need a looser purse.

The impasse is such at this time that the Ontario Government is going to have to say: To hell with the deficit, let’s be fair to our friends the teachers. It is also obvious now that teachers’ duties are going to have to be better defined. There are requirements and nice-to-haves. Maybe some things can be traded between columns.

The hardest thing for Kathleen Wynne is to turn on her friend Dalton McGuinty. She should not feel bad about that. He took the bullet when he resigned last fall. He is already toast. If she could just accept the fact, dump on Dalton and go on, she would be much better off.

It is not that Kathleen Wynne is particularly interested in our suggestions but we will throw this one in gratis. You should examine why and how the party made friends with the teachers in the first place. It was not just their mistreatment by the Mike Harris government. Maybe they still bear a grudge from the Rae Days of 17 years ago. Whatever it was, it is something Ontario Liberals have to rebuild.

Do not forget that Tiny Tim Hudak’s hordes are gathering in the hinterlands. They are going to march on Queen’s Park, chop down those damn windmills and return us to the medieval times of half-day kindergarten. The Twenty-first Century never happened!


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