Wynne wavers on winning.

Ontario’s Premier Wynne might be desperate. Like most politicians fighting off an election—that they might lose—she is telling voters that an election in this province will cost over $90 million. Strangely enough, that is close to what the Auditor General said shutting down the Mississauga gas-fired power plant cost—over and above the government estimate. Does this mean that it is alright to waste a few hundred million saving some seats in a general election but it is not alright to spend about 100 million letting the voters comment on it?

Sooner or later, Kathleen Wynne has to call an election. This triumvirate at Queen’s Park of Horwath, Hudak and Wynne is not only unappealing, it is appalling. Mind you, with that selection of leaders, is it any wonder that fewer and fewer people in Ontario are bothering to vote?

And the question of an election should not be left to New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath. If she can be bought off by a supposed reduction in auto insurance rates, home care for the elderly and closing some corporate tax concessions, you have to suspect that her vote comes very cheap.

With all the leaks and statements that have been made, poor Charles Souza is not going to have anything new to say when he announces his budget later this week. The announcement of $100 million for northern roads simply does not parse. Does this mean Ontario was not spending more than that on Northern infrastructure? And if the province is not spending more, why is it not?

And speaking of stupid, did you know that the Premier made the announcement of the $100 million for northern infrastructure support at the site where the province is rebuilding a highway rest stop—in the middle of Barrie! There is something like 20 gas stations and at least 50 restaurants grouped within a few kilometres of the five Barrie Highway 400 interchanges. Around Toronto, you can drive over 100 kilometres on 400-series highways without seeing a highway rest stop. Figure that one?

What Horwath, Hudak and Wynne need to realize is that minority governments are becoming a more frequent situation. Politicians need to learn to live with them. Tory Leader Timmy Hudak has to bring his marbles and play nice. Going away and pouting no longer works. Ms. Horwath has to show us what she can do. If she ever wants to be premier, she is going to have to demonstrate some leadership. Ms. Wynne needs to retake her grade-four geography. That used to be when our children first learned about Ontario.


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