Let’s have a last hurrah for Hudak.

Ontario’s Premier Wynne should not be so reluctant to have an election. All she is doing is delaying the departure of Conservative Leader Timmy Hudak. It hardly seems fair. Ontario never deserved Mike Harris as Premier and there is no reason they should have to tolerate a Mike Harris Lite.

Mind you, Timmy told the Toronto Star last week that he is a changed man, a fighter for what he believes. It is what he believes in that has put him so out of touch with the people of Ontario. Hudak seems to consider former American President Ronald Regan and the recently deceased Brit Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as deities. He must think of Mike Harris as their high priest.

What Timmy does not see is that Stephen Harper and crew in Ottawa are on the job and too many people screwing our economy could do lasting damage. The Ontario Liberals are about as far right as the people of Ontario can handle while the Tories are running down the economy in Ottawa.

Premier Wynne should realize that while voter dissatisfaction with her party is high, most of it is based on the foolishness of former Premier Dalton McGuinty. Give Timmy Hudak a month out on the polls, pressing the flesh and saying what he thinks and the Wynne Liberals are going to look pretty damn good to the voters.

The only thing that saved Hudak’s bacon when he was releasing all those ridiculous policy papers recently was that nobody read them. The few people who were paid to read them are convinced that they are a joke and refuse to grade them.

Timmy will promise anything to get elected. That must have been where he was coming from when he proposed that the province use magic money to pay for Toronto’s highway infrastructure and subways. These are things that he will never support as Premier but Timmy is not one to quibble over details.

For Kathleen Wynne, the real concern should be New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath. If Andrea ever got a good speaking coach, speech writer, personal trainer, hairdresser and decent clothes, she would pose something of a challenge.

But the good news is that Tiny Tim Hudak will be toast after this coming election. The Conservatives will not allow him to completely destroy their party.


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