The Hair’s in Lima, Baird’s in Ottawa.

Have your pathetic mewling in parliament if you wish, the Hair is doing South America. Far from the foolishness of the Opposition and the tulip festival of Ottawa, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on a mission. In a strange reversal of their roles, Foreign Minister John Baird is in full fledged denial in parliament.

Unlike the Americans, where the Secretary of State does the travelling while the President minds the store in Washington, the Canadian Prime Minister gets far more frequent flyer points. In fact, recently Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, Mr. Baird’s Bobbsey twin, has been travelling more than the Foreign Minister. That could be telling us something about the upcoming cabinet shuffle.

But, there is a big ‘but’ if you think Jason Kenney will end up in Foreign Affairs. Jason Kenney wants Stephen Harper’s job. That would not be so crucial if it were not for Jason Kenney also being one of the leading sons of the religious right of the Conservative Party. If he chooses Kenney for Foreign Affaires, you would have to assume that Mr. Harper is not going to be around for the next election.

This does not mean that John Baird is not auditioning right now for Peter Van Loan’s job as Government House Leader. Baird has far more of a pit bull mentality than Van Loan and it might be a good trade off.

Not that we have any intention of building a better cabinet for Stephen Harper. He is on his own in that regard. Mind you when he does shuffle his cabinet, the most common question will be “What was all the fuss about?”

There is just one other observation about the Hair and Harper’s travels. This trip confirms that Mr. Harper has visited every continent and we lost track of the number of countries a couple years ago. It has been learned that the purpose of this trip is to repay the generosity of party supporters in the mining business. Our trade levels with Peru are almost non-existent but it is rumoured that we do import some of Columbia’s major export product. Mr. Harper is encouraging those countries to be kind to his friends in the mining business. They are probably the same mining magnets who explained that they could not hire Canadian workers for their Canadian mines because the Canadians could not speak Mandarin.


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