Is Lord Connie rehabilitated enough?

Conrad Black is reported to have used his time in the United States federal prison system to write a book. It seems like a strange place to write a book called Flight of the Eagle, extolling the greatness of America. Not having read the book yet, we cannot wait to read what he thinks of Chicago. Maybe the book is a retroactive appeal for a change of venue.

But where does Lord Crossthepond go next? While his books get some critical acclaim, nobody appears to be rushing to buy them. This latest hardcover is already selling at a cut price of $20 at the local Chapters. Lord Connie might as well be writing a blog for all the wealth his writing efforts are generating.

Not that he needs a tag day. It is just that Conrad has always lived by his wits. He would never accept the fact that he is at an age where most of us think of retirement and an easier lifestyle. Even if he could get his Canadian citizenship back, it is unlikely that Stephen Harper would send him to the Senate to get it to run properly. A Senate salary might barely pay for Barbara’s shoes.

But if he is going to continue to pick fights with New Democrat Leader Tommy Mulcair, he needs to be in a position whereby he could benefit from it. Just the other day, he was razzing Stuffy Tommy for the loss by the NDP in British Columbia. Connie seems to be the only talking head in the business who thinks it is Tommy’s fault. You have to admit that Connie always has had a unique perspective on this country.

Obviously Lord Connie cannot return to the publishing business. While Paul Godfrey at Post Media seems to like him, it is hard to imagine shareholders sharing any level of trust. Connie might not be rehabilitated or ready enough to return to the publishing business. He has already been away too long.

That leaves the tried and true of politics. And Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems wearied. All Lord Connie has to do is renounce his lordshipness and his friend Stephen will restore just plain Connie to his Canadian citizenship. The only job that Connie wants is Stephen Harper’s. Canadians could go into the 2015 federal election with Prime Minister Conrad Black versus Stuffy Tommy and Justin Trudeau.

The mind boggles. The stomach rebels. What excitement. What a challenge. Can you imagine the ensuing campaign? We will report further on this idea.


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