How can a liberal be a monarchist?

If it had just stayed on Twitter, nobody would have cared. Since only twits tweet, there is little point in reading them. Yet there is one particular writer of large ego who repeats his tweets on his so-called blog. Why, we do not know. He wrote the other day that he thinks crazed republicans are as bad as crazed atheists and they should keep their bloody opinions to themselves. Being both a crazed atheist and a sort-of crazed republican, we think that he should get stuffed.

While happy to discuss religion with all but Seventh Day Adventists, we do not write about it as we have never found many people are interested. Besides, religion can be a bit of a crutch for some poor people and it is best you leave them alone.

But the monarchy is another matter. As a student of British history, the mysteries of the British love of monarchs are clearly understood. Good on them. Let the Brits keep them.

As for Canadians, the monarchy is a crock that needs to be done away with. The monarchy is not only a continuing excuse for the lack of a democratically chosen head of state for our country but is sending all the wrong messages to our youth.

In a democratic country, to promote anything that favours rank and privilege is ludicrous. Monarchs are like dead fish. They are just as useful and they give off a bad odour if left around too long.

But what this really reveals is that this so-called Liberal tweeter-cum-blogger is not very liberal. A liberal is a person who strives for the rights of the individual in society. A liberal is a reformer who seeks to further the rights of individuals, their rights to fulfilment through education and opportunity, their rights to healthcare, access to services and a life of freedom of expression and ideas.

Reform should be second nature to true liberals as we seek to create a better society for all. We must always be looking for opportunities for progress. We must always keep an open mind to ideas.

As we would say to any nice young couple making a life together and welcoming their first child, we wish the young Windsor’s well. Do we welcome their child as third in line for the hereditary role of Canada’s chief of state? We think not.


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