Helping hold on to Hudak.

You realize of course that any win for the Conservatives in these five current by-elections in Ontario is just going to encourage Conservative leader Tiny Tim Hudak. Is that fair? Does Ontario really deserve Hudak? Did anyone in the Liberal brain trust know what they were doing when they put Wynne’s government in this position?

If Finance Minister Charles Sousa had brought out a Liberal budget earlier this year, we could have forced the New Democrats into defeating the government. There was no question but the Conservatives were guaranteed to want the election. They are going to give Timmy Hudak one more chance before they turf him out of the leadership.

Until Wynne gets her feet wet in a general election, she remains a pretender to the job of Premier. She only became Premier because of a corrupted leadership race that left liberals unsure and wary. Liberals want to give her a chance but the so-called conciliator is not showing any leadership. Her seven-point plan for party renewal and reform has yet to produce any ideas, direction or reform. And while the media might refer to her as being left of centre, the progressives in the Liberal Party have seen no evidence of that.

Item six in Wynne’s plan for party renewal and reform was to increase party member involvement in policy development. Some effort in this area would have been helpful before she did the flip-flop at the Premiers’ meeting this week on the abolition of the Canadian Senate. She seemed to forget some of the strictures of what passes for a constitution in this country. We have a long way to go before we can even begin to discuss an elected or reformed Senate.

Conservative problems with Timmy Hudak are far more serious than those Liberals have with Wynne. Hudak is Michael Harris Light. He is just an acolyte. He has none of the charm nor does he have the smarts of Michael Harris. He is all that was wrong with Harris without understanding where Harris went overboard and destroyed his government. Hudak is an ideologue without a conscience. He is incapable of running anything as complex as a government for Ontario.

If a whimsical electorate realize they will change nothing by sending five opposition members to Queen’s Park, we are hung with Hudak until we do have a general election.


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