Our Tories are troubled tra-la!

When writing about the ‘Dump the Dummy’ campaign among Ontario Conservatives a couple days ago, we could hardly imagine the Tories having any choice. It gives you serious pause though when you find out who are the people leading the charge to get rid of Ontario Leader Timmy Hudak.

If you thought the people behind the move were responsible, level-headed red Tories who cared about the mess Hudak is making of things, you were wrong. It seems to be Tiny Tim’s fellow crazies over on the right wing of the party who are seeking vengeance. The most level headed is the irascible Frank Klees MPP who came second to young Timmy back in the 2009 leadership contest. Frank was never happy with the party’s choice as it showed the depth of control still wielded at the time by former Premier Michael Harris.

Timmy’s most powerful enemy appears to be Ontario Landowner leader MPP Randy Hillier. A pale imitation of the American Tea Party, the Ontario Landowner members are the rural Don Quixote’s who hate wind turbines, liberals, gun control, abortion, government interference and left wingers. These are the rural Ontario voters that Premier Kathleen Wynne thinks she is going to win over by assuming the role of Minister of Agriculture as well as Premier.

While you have to expect most sensible Conservatives to want to head off a blood-bath at the party’s September convention. This meeting is supposed to discuss a better Conservative platform for the next Ontario election that is expected as soon as early next year. Those who know and hate Timmy Hudak are probably of the mind that he would screw up anything sensible they come up with. They hardly see leaving Tiny Tim in place as an option.

The most serious problem is that the Conservatives do not have all that many options. The caucus at Queen’s Park is slim pickings. Sure, Frank Klees might think that his third time might be lucky but he lost credibility with too many of the Tory caucus when he tried that end-run at becoming Speaker of the Legislature. It is an excellent retirement type job but for a Tory to get it at the time was too hard for many Liberals or Conservatives to swallow.

What might be the leadership solution for the provincial Conservatives is the pool of experienced Ontario Tories in the federal party’s caucus in Ottawa. Some might not want to wait for Harper to leave. The negotiations might already be underway.


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