Mme Premier, do you know where you’re going?

The Ontario Legislature met yesterday. Premier Wynne was in the white of a bride to launch the fall session. She had already told the opposition that they will need to cooperate or she will call an election. If that is a choice she is offering, we respectfully choose an election.

And the reasoning is simple. It is because we have absolutely no idea where this Ontario government is headed.

It is not because we do not want to hear any more about cancelling the damn gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville. That is now a decision for Ontario voters. If you tie up the Legislature with that argument, you are not doing anything constructive.

And before you sneak that Ellis-Don legislation through the Legislature, maybe you should make it government legislation and explain it better to us slower voters. How does throwing out its union shop benefit anyone other than the owners of the company? And why should our legislators vote to do that?

It seems that Mac’s Milk has thrown down the gauntlet on beer sales and your government is being left at the starting line. It is very easy for the government to turn that around and say ‘upgrade your convenience store and you too can sell beer.’ It does not need to be cheaper. It does not have to be in big packages. It just needs to be convenient. Somebody has to bring this province into the 21st Century!

Or is Ontario some wondrous Brigadoon that appears every hundred years from the mists of time? Is the Family Compact that runs this province now just a bunch of lawyers in expensive suits?

There are so many opportunities for Ontario to progress. It needs new controls on election spending and you should have no problem getting the other parties to agree to outlaw groups such as ‘Working Families’ who had so much influence in the last Ontario election. And how about ending all business and union contributions?

What Ontario must have is a government that will be proactive in creating meaningful employment opportunities. It has to be an open and honest government. It has to be a government that ensures the voters of a level playing field for all parties. Let’s not let Ontario disappear again into the mists of time.


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