First you need principles, Ms. Wynne.

If you do not like the mess when racoons get into your garbage, you can tell Premier Kathleen Wynne about it. If you want to kill or at least discourage those pesky animals, the Premier will listen. She needs policies for the coming provincial election. She has even had the party create a website——to let you send her your ideas.

But there is a caution to those sending ideas. Any suggestions not in accordance with the party’s objects (objectives?) may not be considered. The only problem with that is you will have a hard time determining what the Ontario party’s objects might be.

In fact, Kathleen Wynne would probably be a bit tongue-tied if you threw that question at her. She neither talks the talk nor walks the walk of modern liberalism. She is far more conservative than liberal in the traditional sense. She is a reactionary. She figures she has done the job when she dumps problems onto committees and gets them off her desk. Never in her speeches that we have heard since she became Liberal party leader has she told us what it means to her to be a liberal.

The only thing we have definitely heard is a resounding ‘No’ to Babel-on-the-Bay’s suggestions that she modernize alcohol sales in Ontario. That response has little to do with political philosophy and a lot to do with ignorance.

It was like when she fired publisher Paul Godfrey as chair of Ontario Lottery and Gaming. Paul had done what he had been asked to do to modernize gaming in Ontario and show how it could produce more revenue for the government. For a Conservative, he did a heck of a good job. Kathleen first tied his hands in Toronto and then she fired him. She never gave the guy a chance.

It is getting so bad that every time there is another appointment at a senior level of Ontario boards and commissions, you get the feeling that the province has taken another giant step backward.

What worries this liberal is the way Wynne is headed she is laying down a red carpet for that schmuck Timmy Hudak and his unrepentant Mike Harris Tories. Paul Martin did it federally in 2006 and now Kathleen Wynne is going to do it to Ontario. Why should the voters settle for a pseudo-Conservative government when they can have the real thing?


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