A letter to our Member of Parliament.

Dear Mr. Brown:

This is to thank you for sending us the Brown Report, Fall 2013. There is little question that it is from you—in four pages, your picture appears 16 times. It makes one wish that you were a little more photogenic.

What is of concern to us is that nowhere in this report is there mention of any previous or anticipated activities by you on our behalf in Ottawa. The report devotes the most attention to your various public relations activities in Barrie.

We should expect after being elected for a few years now, you would know that the job  of a Member of Parliament is mainly in Ottawa. You are provided with staff, a substantial salary and expenses to do a job for us in Parliament, on parliamentary committees and in addressing the needs and concerns of Canadians. And be assured that the salaries of you and your staff are far in excess of what the City of Barrie might need or want to spend on a fulltime support structure for local charities.

And speaking of your efforts on behalf of some of our local charities, frankly you are probably doing more harm than good. Your hockey night, for example, could be far better run and raise much more money if it was run by the hospital. By politicizing an event of this nature in a city that loves its hockey is hampering our citizens’ ability to really get behind the event and make it the success it could be.

It has been our experience, over many years of working with fund raising for health agencies in Canada and around the world, that nobody really respects the person who advertises their support. Commercial support for charity has become an accepted practice as it reflects the community spirit of the business but it cannot be allowed to become more important than the charity to the long term detriment of the charity.

It is also important when working with charities to be able to provide a very precise accounting for all monies received and dispersed. Establishing and maintaining standards of stewardship in fund raising assists the public in appreciating that their donations are used responsibly.

And, frankly sir, a review of your service as Member of Parliament is also needed.



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