What is Wynne doing in politics?

Did you see the announcement of Kathleen Wynne’s new super committee to solve all her problems as Premier? If you wait long enough, you too might find yourself on one of her growing lists of committees. The only membership requirement appears to be that you should not be mistaken for a Liberal.

But it is this latest committee that leaves us flabbergasted. It is supposed to tell the government how to find information about their own government, how to understand the information obtained about their government, and then tell her and her government how they can use the information to do a better job of governing. The only question left is what are Wynne and her government to do?

Admittedly, the less glamorous aspects of politics are the endless hours of reading and research that are needed to keep informed, to understand issues and to consider alternatives for action. It appears that Ms. Wynne considers this work onerous and she has created this committee to tell her how to relieve her workload.

Frankly, it would serve the citizens of Ontario better if Ms. Wynne just quit and turned the Premier’s position over to a Liberal who understands the job.

Remember President Harry Truman’s famous sign in his office: The buck stops here. In our Ontario Premier’s office, there should be a sign saying: Stop Stupid.

If you think you need a committee of apolitical nerds, political has beens, people who live off political ineptness and the usual suspects to tell you how to be a politician, you have a serious problem.

What has never made sense has been the claim of the news media that Premier Wynne is some kind of left-wing politician. Her entire career in politics has been based on reactionary politics, starting with her objecting to Premier Michael Harris’ amalgamating Toronto into a single city. It was a move that was long overdue and done badly but there was Kathleen Wynne standing as some female King Canute of conservatism, fighting the inevitable.

And as a school trustee in North Toronto, Wynne was reactionary and a loser. She switched to provincial politics.

And that seems to sum up Kathleen Wynne’s career. The woman is behind the trends, playing catch-up and has no understanding of where she is going. She is a disaster as Premier and no liberal. The sooner Ontario is rid of her, the better.


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