Rob Ford’s evil twin Stephen Harper.

It seems appropriate. While the Toronto Police are sniffing around Mayor Rob Ford’s purported dealings with crack houses and drug dealers, the RCM Police are sniffing around Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s dealings with the Senate and expense account fiddlers. Are they not all the same?

Do Canadians have one law for mayors and another law for prime ministers? How many times have we heard that Conrad Black would never have gone to jail in Canada? Does anyone protect the shareholder in this country? Does anyone protect the consumer in this country? Canadians want to know.

We know that nobody protects the poor voter.

And is there even a possible court case against Mayor Ford? The man can say he tried crack cocaine but unless the police have more than his claim, they can hardly charge him with anything more than braggadocio. There is no law against being a buffoon. If we could charge people for lying to us, the Conservative’s jails would be overflowing with politicians. Rob Ford got to be Mayor of Toronto by promising to put an end to the “gravy train” and he ended up wrecking his own choo-choo.

But is Stephen Harper any different? This man, who started as an acolyte of Preston Manning, schemed and worked behind the scenes to rest the Reform movement from him. He then (after the Alliance debacle) absorbed a moribund Conservative Party and made it his. Sure he is smarter than Rob Ford. There must be millions of people smarter than Rob Ford. Do our federal police give dispensation points for IQ?

Anyone who saw the 2008 English-language debate of the party leaders knows that Stephen Harper can lie with an absolutely straight face. Elizabeth May of the Greens was the only leader in that debate that would acknowledge the economic troubles the world was facing. The absolutely flat look on Stephen Harper’s face has become his standard stance for any problem he faces as Prime Minister.

Will he skate on the RCM Police investigation? Can he? Here we have a micro-management freak who claims to have no idea what the underling in the next office was doing. Do you believe that? Do you believe anything Stephen Harper says? If you do, you must also believe that nice Rob Ford.


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