Tidings of comfort and joy from the Hair.

The Hair was in his environment. Every lock was in line. The light touch of make-up was set to the softer lighting. It was time for the Prime Minister’s holiday greetings to his nation. It was time to tell the peons how it is going to be.

This was the Shaw Media version of kiss-up to the Leader. It looked as though the Hair did not want Tom Clark to ask the questions so Jacques Bourbeau from the Ottawa news team did the honours. Bourbeau’s soft lob questions did the trick and the family setting was lovely. It was the perfect setting for the Hair to play Santa Claus.

But he did not. His answer on tar sands exploitation and the environment was a classic of bafflegab. You knew that he was going to B.S. the viewers from the start of the answer when he said: “Well look, I think there’s more to it than the emissions issue.” The rest of the answer was lost in a labyrinth of studies and reports on tankers and pipelines and comments on coal-fired electricity and greenhouse gas emissions and that the government just might bring in some standards and regulations, some day.

What was contained in that bafflegab was the information that his government has done nothing about the greenhouse gas emissions involved just in mining the tar sands. He feels that this is more of a continental question and he seems to want the United States to set the regulations and then the Canadian government can pay lip service to them. When you consider that Canada’s tar sands in the Athabasca region of Alberta are the largest such deposit in the world, that is probably the most mealy-mouthed excuse, Canadians have ever heard.

Frankly, Canadians are Scrooged. The Hair made it clear to all who would bother to listen that he does not give a damn about the environment and especially not when it gets in the way of profit.

It should also be noted that the Hair assured Mr. Bourbeau that the Conservatives have no intention of going on a wild spending spree when Finance Minister Jim Flaherty balanced the federal books in 2015. Why was that not a surprise?


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