Some political thoughts on 2013

It was certainly an active political year,

But not one that we will hold very dear.

New federal leaders for Liberals, NDP,

And that will change things, you’ll see.


Ontario’s Cabinet plays musical chairs,

A lady’s now bossing provincial affairs.

It seems very bad she has no opposition.

Not that the Premier minds her position.


Who thought Toronto’d make any news?

But things’ll happen when voters choose.

But why would the mayor be so explicit?

Has it anything to do with a crack habit?


Stephen Harper is still heading the PMO,

The gentleman remains a formidable foe.

Thomas Mulcair yearns to be a successor

But Justin Trudeau is not PET the Lesser.


But none of that trio will earn any kudos,

If pollution increases via tar sand fiascos.

Harper thinks Canada has an oil economy

That subject causes a growing dichotomy.


We’re placing our bets on Justin Trudeau,

If he has the best policies in his trousseau.

Some people fear he lacks a political heft,

He has to stand firmly on the political left.


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