In Ontario, if it is worth doing, do half.

Premier Kathleen Wynne and her government have a unique approach to solving Ontario problems. If and when enough of the right people have told them that something needs to be fixed, they form a committee of the right sort of people to study the situation and await the committee’s recommendations.

This method of running Ontario was developed by Premier Dalton McGuinty. He had come into power when Ontario voters could no longer stomach the Mike Harris Conservative government. Dull Dalton reasoned that Ontario had not been satisfied with Liberal David Peterson as he did not really know what he was doing. They were equally dissatisfied with the Bob Rae New Democrats who did not know what they were doing, Then Ontario suffered Mike Harris and his Conservative ideologues who did know what they were doing and the voters came to dislike that intensely.

That left Dull Dalton a fairly free hand to do nothing as long as he looked like he knew what he was doing. It worked. During the Dalton years in Ontario, we saw renewable energy in Ontario turned into what can only be described as a Ponzi scheme. His one big accomplishment was full day kindergarten. The only problem was that as the memories of those bad years with Bob Rae and Mike Harris started to fade, voters became restive and started paying attention to the opposition parties. Mind you when you do pay attention to people such as Tim Hudak, you wonder if this kid flunked nap time when he was in kindergarten.

But the voters were restless. Ontario has been losing manufacturing and processing jobs on a serious scale since the 2008 economic crunch. Dalton seemed to be getting on the wrong page with the voters. The voters did not quite dump him in 2011 but they did not give him a majority. Seeing his opportunity, he bailed.

Enter Kathleen Wynne. Here was a person who had no experience running anything. She tried to surround herself with her competitors for the job of premier. They were no help at all. She therefore followed poor departed Dalton’s lead of doing nothing until you had to. It took her a full year to create more commissions and committees than Ontario had ever seen before. And that nice lady who tries to run the Ontario New Democrats kept her in power because they have a mutual distrust of elections.

But the problem with her committees is that when they report their findings, she is still at a loss. What to do? Her solution to date is to listen to the report and then find a half-way response to it.

Take the minimum wage situation: Wynne’s solution appears to be to move Ontario’s minimum wage to $11.00 per hour. It is a compromise that pleases nobody. It does nobody any good. Even if you tie it to inflation, you leave people teetering on the edge of poverty. What she does not understand is that no matter what she raises it to, she will piss off the business exploiters. Why not make some people who need the money happy?


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